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Parking Services launching new Administrative Monetary Penalties system

Starting November 1, Londoners will have a new, more efficient way to pay or dispute penalty notices for parking violations with the launch of the Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMP).

With the AMP system, parking related violations will no longer be heard in provincial court but instead by a Municipal Screening Officer, who will be able to modify, cancel, or affirm penalties. The system is intended to reduce congestion in provincial courts as well as provide a faster and more accessible dispute resolution process for residents.

The new system also allows Municipal Enforcement Officers the ability to issue tickets by mail to the registered owner of the vehicle as well as serve notices on a vehicle.

“The ability to mail tickets to vehicle owners brings a much needed enforcement tool,” says Stephen Miller, Manager, Municipal Law Enforcement, Parking. “In school zones in particular, our team is often called to enforce parking regulations. We hope that this practice will prevent vehicles that are illegally parked from pulling out in an unsafe manner to avoid being ticketed.”

The AMP system does not change existing parking regulations and Londoners are reminded to always check street and parking signage to avoid receiving a penalty notice.

Once AMP is implemented, motorists that receive a penalty notice will now only have 15 days to either pay or dispute it. Once 15 days have passed, residents will no longer have the ability to dispute the ticket and additional fees will apply.

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