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2018 National Housing Day Forum

Today, the City of London, together with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and the Housing Development Corporation, London hosted the 2018 National Housing Day Forum.

This year’s theme Building Housing Solutions Together brought over 150 policy makers, developers, support providers, front line workers and advocates together to discuss the local housing environment and reflect on current challenges and potential solutions towards improving the quality of lives of our city’s most vulnerable.

Housing related data analytics presented by the CMHC during the forum highlighted income levels, rising home prices, unemployment rate, population demographics all showing a significant core housing need.

The forum also included a presentation by Ivey International Centre for Health Innovation which focused on the impacts of the quality of housing to the quality of health, reiterating determinates of health that consist of income security, housing security and employment security.

“Affordable and secure housing is a priority for this Council and our community,” said Mayor Matt Brown. “We know that housing is key to lifting people out of poverty. It’s more than a roof over someone’s head and it makes all the difference. Thank you to those working tirelessly advocating for safe, secure and affordable housing.”  

“It is encouraging to be able to engage our partners here today as we begin the journey of updating the City’s Homeless Prevention and Housing Plan for the future,” said Dave Purdy, Manager, Housing Services, City of London. “Today’s event demonstrates the importance of a collaborative approach. The sharing and exchange of information today is instrumental in developing the City’s strategic plan for the future.”

The forum also focused on the future work that needs to be done to ensure all Londoners have safe and affordable housing.

Homeless prevention and affordable housing are key areas of focus in in City Council’s Strategic Plan for the City of London 2015-2019.