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Facility Rentals

The City of London’s Facility Rental Agreement is a contract between the City and Licensee (renter) that gives the renter the right to occupy the facility for the length of time and purpose described in the Agreement. 

Since the rental agreement is an important part of the City – Licensee relationship, it is in writing. The written agreement outlines the terms and conditions agreed to by both parties. Once the contract is signed, it cannot be changed unless both parties agree. 

The contract presented to renters, beginning in August 2008, contains terms and conditions relating to responsibilities and insurance requirements that are similar to contracts in earlier years. However, the changes make the legal responsibilities of both parties clearer than previous contracts did. These changes were deliberately made to reduce the chance of either party misunderstanding their obligations.


Note:   For more information about insurance coverage, we suggest Renters contact their own agent or broker for advice about their specific circumstances.





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  • When did the City begin using this Agreement?

    The revised standard Facility Rental Agreement was put into place in August 2008. It is used for all types of rentals. Various clauses are added depending upon the specific nature of the rental.


    Who can be a contract holder?

    The City of London will only contract with the following “Licensees”:

    (a)  a Corporation

    If the “Licensee” is a corporation, the corporation will be liable under the contract. Only authorized representatives of the corporation may sign the contract on behalf of the corporation; 


    (b) one or more individuals

    One individual, or up to three individuals in a group may enter into the contract as the “Licensee”. Such individuals will be personally liable for all members of the group.  Therefore if one individual signs the contract, that individual will be personally liable for the entire group. Any individuals signing the contract will be signing in their own personal capacity. 

    Note: If individual members of a group do not wish to assume personal liability for the group, the group may wish to consider incorporating.​

  • What does it mean that a renter is responsible to ‘inspect the facility?

    When renters arrive at the facility, they are expected to conduct an inspection of the part of the facility that they will be using to satisfy themselves that they and members of their group will be able to use the facility safely. If they see anything that causes them concern, they can contact the City of London employee on site to take appropriate action.

  • What does it mean that the City does not provide “assurance regarding the suitability of the Facility for use by the Licensee”?

    The City designs and maintains its facilities for multiple purposes. The event you have planned may not be exactly what the City expects it will be used for. We require that you provide us with sufficient details to help you prepare for your event. However, we cannot guarantee that everything you may want to do will be anticipated and can be customized for your requirements. We recommend that each renter inspect the facility to ensure it meets their needs.

  • Why are renters responsible for anyone they bring to the facility?

    ​When a facility is rented, the renter is expected to attend the event and monitor the activities that occur. The renter is responsible for ensuring that only behaviour appropriate to the nature of their event takes place.


  • Why are renters required to insure events at City facilities?

    When injury or damage affects citizens they are permitted to seek financial compensation for costs they incur. The general liability insurance coverage required by the City of London ensures that renters have insurance that will provide for investigation, legal defense and, if required, settlement costs resulting from their event(s) at City facilities.

  • Do renters have to buy insurance from the City?

    ​No. Renters are encouraged to use other insurance if available. (e.g. home or business insurance) The City access to insurance coverage is intended ONLY for those renters who have no other insurance available or who find the insurance through the City more affordable than what they can purchase elsewhere.


  • If renters want to use their own insurance, what do they need to do?

    Renters who have other liability insurance available (e.g. home liability insurance) can provide evidence of that insurance on request. The renter will be given a City of London standard Certificate of Insurance to be completed and returned by the renter’s insurance representative.

  • Does the insurance cover the contract holder and their team or group?

    ​The insurance covers the contract holder (renter), their employees and volunteers; other people attending the event are not insured.


  • Who pays the $500 deductible?

    Renters are responsible for paying both the premium and the deductible (if there is a claim).

  • Is insurance required per contract if contract holder has multiple contracts?

    ​No. If the contract holder wants to book multiple events the premium is based on the number of dates coverage is required for. But, if the contract holder is booking for different organizations (e.g. sports group) a separate policy is required for each different group or different type of event. (e.g. for baseball and hockey).


  • Can contract holders obtain a complete copy of the policy?

    Yes, a Customer Services representative can provide a copy.

  • If the event is cancelled, can contract holders obtain a refund?

    Provided the event is cancelled at least 24-hours before the event is to begin, they can obtain a complete refund of the insurance premium. The City’s administrative fee is non-refundable.

  • If the contract holder is not present to comply with contract conditions (e.g. inspect the facility) does the insurance still provide coverage?

    ​The insurance policy provides coverage if someone makes a claim of negligence against anyone insured under the policy. (e.g. a claim that failure to properly inspect the surface before play started would have allowed correction of poor condition). During the claim investigation process all aspects of that particular facility rental are considered. Only after all information on the specific event is obtained can the insurer determine exactly what coverage is provided under the policy. Note: this investigation/decision process applies to all claims investigated by all insurers, not just the Facility User Program insurance policy.