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Open Data: FAQs

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  • What is Open Data?

    The purpose of the Open Data London initiative is to remove barriers to accessing information created or managed by government institutions, while respecting privacy, legal and other considerations.

  • Are there any limitations in my use of the data?

    ​The intent of the Open Data London initiative is to provide information and data that is easily reusable and can be used by the user as they wish. The limitations around the re-use of this data are dictated by the Terms of Use, which essentially state that:

    - users are free to re-use the data
    - recognition should be given to the City of London.

  • Are Point X and Y latitude and longitude coordinates?

    No Point X and Point Y are Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinates. Latitude and longitude is geographic coordinate system. The City uses a projected coordinate system.