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City Council Policy Manual

Please note: The Council Policy Manual is currently under review and some policies will be subject to change.

The Policy Manual is a consolidation of policies that have been adopted (and in some cases, amended) by the Municipal Council of the City of London over a number of years.

This Manual does not contain detailed operating procedures for the many different services provided by Civic Departments nor does it reflect the many regulations contained in City By-laws. By-law information can be obtained from the City Clerk's Office; information about any operating procedures that affect municipal services provided by Civic Departments can be obtained from the Department involved. Please note that all City policies are currently under review.

Detailed Table of Contents


Chapter   1 - Awards and Recognition

Chapter   2 - Building and Regulations

Chapter   3 - City Hall and Other Municipal Buildings

Chapter   4 - Centennial Hall

Chapter   5 - Council and Committees

Chapter   6 - Dearness Home

Chapter   7 - Engineering Services

Chapter   8 - Financial Services

Chapter   9 - Fire Services

Chapter 10 - Flood Plain, Control & Thames River

Chapter 11 - Housing

Chapter 12 - Insurance

Chapter 13 - Legal Services

Chapter 14 - Licences

Chapter 15 - Local Improvements

Chapter 16 - Miscellaneous

Chapter 17 - Parks and Recreation

Chapter 18 - Personnel

Chapter 19 - Planning and Development

Chapter 20 - Property

Chapter 21 - Purchasing and Materials Management

Chapter 22 - Publicity and Promotion

Chapter 23 - Sewers and Water

Chapter 24 - Social Services

Chapter 25 - Streets and Highways

Chapter 26 - Taxes

Chapter 27 - Traffic and Transportation

Chapter 28 - Travel and Convention


The wording of the policies contained in this manual may not be exactly as adopted or amended by Council. Without altering the original intent, policies may be updated by administration to reflect current structure, job titles, language, etc.

Numbering of Policies
The policies are organized into 28 subject-based chapters. Each policy has a unique number assigned to it based on the chapter and the order it appears within the chapter. For example, Policy 1(1) is the first policy listed in Chapter 1 of the manual.

Dating of Policies
The dates that appear at the end of each policy indicate the date when it was first adopted by Council and any later dates when the Council has amended it.

Citation of Policies
When making reference to a policy in this manual, the citation should be, for example, "…as contained in Council Policy 1(1) adopted on March 21, 1988..."

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