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Council Policy Manual - Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Awards and Recognition:

  1. Bravery Awards
  2. Athletic Travel Grants
  3. Queen Elizabeth Scholarships
  4. Mayor's New Year's Honour List
  5. Civic Luncheons and Receptions
  6. Cultural Policy for the Arts
  7. Recognition of Advisory Committee Members
    Repealed March 20, 2012
  8. FCM Annual Race Relations Award
  9. Bicycle Friendly Award
  10. Diversity, Race Relations and Inclusivity Award

Chapter 2 - Building and Regulations

  1. Building on Old Landfill Sites
  2. Mobile Homes
  3. Moving Residential Buildings
  4. Permits for Lots without Electric Services
  5. Methane Gas
  6. Unprotected Excavations at Construction Sites
  7. Demolition Applications for Buildings in the Heritage Resources Inventory
    Repealed April 18, 2005.  See Policy 19(27)
  8. House Moving Permits
  9. Requiring Building Permits for Buildings Constructed More Than One Year Prior

Chapter   3 - City Hall and Other Municipal Buildings

  1. Tours onto 12th Floor Deck
  2. Animals in City Hall
  3. Use of Cafeteria as a Staff Facility
  4. Soliciting Funds in City Hall
  5. Smokefree Workplace Policy
  6. Charitable Organizations and Community Groups Involved in Fundraising Activities for City-owned Facilities             
  7. Naming/Re-naming or Dedicating of Municipal Property, Buildings and Park Elements
  8. City of London Days at the Budweiser Gardens
  9. Use of Cell Phones and Pagers in Council Chambers – Prohibited
  10. Waiving Fees for Use of City-Owned Recreation and Community Centres

Chapter   4 - Centennial Hall

  1. Use of Civic Square by Centennial Hall Events
  2. Ushers and Doormen during Orchestra Events
  3. Erection of Risers for Orchestra Events
  4. Moving of Equipment for Orchestra Events
  5. Move-In/Move-Out Charges for Orchestra London
  6. Grants to Centennial Hall
  7. Reduced Rental Rates for Non-Profit Groups
  8. Objectives of Centennial Hall
  9. Using Centennial Hall for City Sponsored Events
  10. Lessee Protection and Non-Competitive Clauses
  11. London Convention Centre - Scheduling and Booking

Chapter   5 - Council and Committees

  1. Process for the Appointment of an Acting Mayor
  2. Vacant Councillor Position - Repealed March 3, 2008
  3. Advising Public of Existing Policies
  4. Short Listing Agenda Items Requiring Staff Reports
  5. Administrative Planning Advisory Group Meetings - Closed to Public
  6. Notification of Claims
  7. Personal Enquiries of Elected Official
  8. Resolutions of Other Municipalities
  9. Process for Seeking Applications for Committee Appointments and the Handling of Those Applications
  10. Appointments of Citizens and Council Members to Advisory Committees
  11. Reporting of Imperial Measurements
  12. Requests for Preparation of By-laws
  13. Discussion on Elected Officials' Salaries to be in Public
  14. Elected Officials to Attend Provincial Meetings when London Private Bills Being Addressed
  15. Council Appointee to External Board or Commission - Membership Paid by City
  16. General Policy for all Advisory Committees
  17. Allocation of Controllers' Offices
  18. Urgent Last Minute or "Walk-in" Recommendations
  19. Delegations by Union Executives to Standing Committees and Board of Control
  20. Anonymous Communications, Etc.
  21. Reporting Time Frames for Matters Referred to Advisory Committees
    Repealed March 20, 2012
  22. Establishment of Task Forces and Working Groups
  23. City Representation at "Out of Town" Functions
  24. Processing of Confidential Communications
  25. Payment of Tickets or Entrance Costs that Directly Benefit a Political Party
  26. Civic Administration Not to be Appointed as Voting Members to Boards, Commissions and Advisory Committees
  27. Allocation of Councillors' Offices
  28. Use of Corporate Resources During a Municipal Election Year
  29. Issuance of Computer Equipment to Council Members
  30. Code of Conduct for Members of Council
  31. Committee Conduct Policy for Members of Advisory Committees, etc.
  32. Remuneration for Elected Official and Appointed Citizen Members
  33. Process for the Appointment of Advisory Committee Members
    Repealed March 20, 2012
  34. Appointment of Council Members to Standing Committees of Council, etc.
  35. Review of Ward Boundaries

Chapter   6 - Dearness Home

  1. Execution of Documents Prior to Admittance
  2. Termination of Residence
  3. Funeral and Burial Expenses
  4. Inventory Prior to Departure
  5. Refund from Residents' Monthly Income
  6. Minnie Rickard Bequest Fund
  7. Inspections by Committee of Management
  8. Purchasing of Items in Excess of $500.00
  9. Releasing of Assets Once Residents' Costs Paid
  10. Execution of Will by Residents
  11. Funeral Expenses for Indigent Residents            
  12. Interest from Bequest Fund
  13. Administration of Mortgages
  14. Personal Trust Funds
  15. Admission Policy
  16. Opening Residents' Mail
  17. Committee of Management
  18. Discharge Policy
  19. Use of Low Flow Oxygen
  20. Preferred Accommodation Charges
  21. Holding of Beds
  22. Level of Treatment Intervention & Health Care Directive

Chapter   7 - Engineering Services

  1. Collections from Garbage Storage Containers
  2. Frequency of Garbage, Recyclable Material, Yard Materials and Fall Leaf Collection
  3. Senior Citizens Unable to Take Out Garbage or Recyclable Material
  4. Weed Control Policy
  5. Containerized Garbage Collection Systems
  6. Waiving of Landfill Site Fees
  7. City Radios in Employees' Cars
  8. Loose Leaf Collection
  9. Appointment of Consulting Engineers
    Repealed January 1, 2008. See Policy 21(1)
  10. Spills Policy
  11. Road Cuts by Utility Companies
  12. Requests for PCB Destruction
  13. Blue Box Replacement Policy
  14. Public Notification Policy for Construction Projects
  15. Public Notification Policy for Major Private Projects
    Repealed. See Policy 7(14).
  16. Review of Drawing Design Fees for Subdivisions              

Chapter   8 - Financial Services

  1. Payroll Deduction for Canada Savings Bonds
  2. Notice of Tax Arrears Interest Rate
  3. Appropriation Transfer Policy
  4. Capital Budget Appropriation Policy
  5. Uncollectible Accounts Receivable
  6. Processing of Accounts Prior to Current Budget Approval
  7. Capital Budget Guidelines
  8. Capital Budget Program
  9. Introduction of New Capital Works Mid-Year
  10. Disaster Relief Policy
  11. Grants and Capital Grants Policy
  12. Investment Policy
  13. Financial Relationship with Library Board
  14. Grants to U.W.O. and Fanshawe College
  15. London Medical, Health Services & Advanced Technology Reserve Fund
  16. Trust Funds
  17. Donations Made for Non-Profit Organizations
  18. Industrial Oversizing Reserve Fund
  19. Current and Capital Budgets Binders
  20. Impact of Appropriations to Capital Reserve Funds
  21. Property Tax Relief for Legions
  22. Major Institutional Capital Grants
  23. Security Policy Regarding Letters of Credit
  24. Bid Funding for Sports Events
  25. Identification of Operating Surpluses - Boards and Commissions
  26. Acceleration of Capital Works Projects

Chapter   9 - Fire Services

  1. Snow Removal from Private Property
  2. Fire Hydrants on Private Property
  3. Fire Route Designations
  4. Rescue Unit Outside City Limits
  5. Dedication of Fire Stations

Chapter 10 - Flood Plain, Control & Thames River

  1. Erosion Problems
  2. Retaining Flood Plain and River Bank Lands

Chapter 11 - Housing

  1. Municipal Standards for Condominium Developments
  2. Demolition Control By-law and Rental Housing Protection Act
  3. Heritage Properties
  4. Affordable Housing Reserve Fund Implementation Policy
  5. Housing Partnership Policy

Chapter 12 - Insurance

  1. Denial of Claims
    Repealed October 9, 2012
  2. Risk Management Policy

Chapter 13 - Legal Services

  1. Legal Services and Accounts
  2. Enforcement by City Personnel

Chapter 14 - Licences

  1. Refunding of Lottery Licence Fees
  2. Revoking of Licences by Clerk - N.S.F. Cheques
  3. Merchandising on Sidewalks and Shopping Malls
  4. Sale of Lottery Tickets
  5. Approval and Issuance of Business Licences
  6. Lottery Licences Issued by the Province
  7. Taxi Fare Adjustments
  8. Lodging Houses
  9. Taxicab Licences to Population Ratio
  10. Sidewalk Café
  11. Review of Taxicab/Limousine Regulations
  12. Refusing, Suspending or Revoking Business Licenses
  13. Exemption from Cat Identification Fees for Cats Residing on Agricultural Lands
  14. Door-to-Door Selling for Profit by Children

Chapter 15 - Local Improvements

  1. Assessment, Circulation and Repayment of Road Local Improvements
  2. Flankage Exemptions for Surface Works and Sewers
  3. Absence of Private Drain Connections
  4. Absence of Sewers and Private Drain Connections
  5. City Initiating Works
  6. Assessing Rectangular Corner Lots
  7. Interest Rate
  8. Commuting Charges
  9. Expediting Charges
  10. Handling of Petitions Administratively
  11. Classification of Warranted and Unwarranted Sidewalks and Roadworks
  12. New Sidewalk Installations
  13. Street Services Implementation and Financing
  14. Service Cut Restoration Work by Utilities and Contractors
  15. Deleting Works from Tenders
  16. Rates for Private Drain Connections and Sewer Rental
  17. Noise Attenuation Barriers
  18. Local Improvement By-laws
  19. Existing Local Improvement Petitions

Chapter 16 - Miscellaneous

  1. No Extension of Services Beyond Boundaries
  2. Official City Flag
  3. Voters List Not Available for Commercial Purposes
  4. Establishment and Review of Council Policies
  5. Sharing Fence Costs with City
  6. Corporate Identity Policy
  7. Landing of Helicopters
  8. Rewards for Unsolved Murders
  9. Motorcycle Races at Fair Grounds
  10. Elsie Perrin Williams Estate
  11. Outdoor Billboard Rental Rates
  12. Disposing of City Vehicles
  13. Railway Crossing Protection Drawings
  14. Election Signs on City Property
  15. Special Occasion Permits
  16. Use of the Name "London"
  17. Official City Band
  18. Use of Cenotaph
  19. Photocopy Charge
  20. Monumenting Program
  21. Flags at City Hall
  22. Issuance of Proclamations
  23. Sewage from External Sources
  24. Painting of Municipal Address Numbers on City Curbs
  25. Neighbourhood Watch Program
  26. Municipal Priorities and Provincial Funding Reductions
  27. Distribution and/or Sale of Goods or Services Through Non-Profit Organizations
  28. Phase Out Use of City-Owned Vehicles
  29. Corporate Sponsorship Program
  30. City of London Race Relations Policy
  31. Diversity Policy for the City of London
  32. Public Art Policy
  33. Gateway Structures, Fences and Walls - Ownership & Maintenance
  34. Accessibility Policy
  35. Promotion of Corporate Products to City Staff
  36. Public Notice Policy
  37. Accountability and Transparency to the Public Policy
  38. Delegation of Powers and Duties Policy
  39. Accessible Customer Service Policy
  40. Media Protocols Policy
  41. Community Engagement Policy
  42. Telecommunications Facilities Consultation Policy

Chapter 17 - Parks and Recreation

  1. Leasing Parkland
  2. Value of Parkland Dedication
  3. Parkland Dedication - Plan of Subdivision
  4. Parkland Dedication Cash-in-lieu
  5. Parkland Dedication - Site Plan
  6. Parkland Dedication - Acquisition of Parkland Outside a Plan of Subdivision
  7. Pathway Corridors
  8. Parkland Accounts
  9. Sale of Advertising and Sponsorship of Parks & Recreation Publications and Services
  10. Gender Equity in Recreation Services
  11. Financial Assistance for Program Activity Fees
  12. Inclusion in Recreation Facilities, Parks and Services
  13. Special Events Policies and Procedures Manual
  14. Use of Inflatable Amusement Devices During Rentals of City Parks or Other Facilities
  15. Rzone Policy

Chapter 18 - Personnel

  1. Parking Tickets Received by Employees
  2. London Railway Commission Employees
  3. Retirement Dinners for Department Heads
  4. Granting Employee Suggestion Awards
  5. Value of Employee Suggestion Awards
  6. Staff at Ward Meetings
  7. Employees Approaching Retirement
  8. Hiring of Employees Policy
  9. Temporary Vacancies
  10. Workplace Safety and Insurance Act Claims
  11. Employee Service Recognition Program
  12. Sick Leave Payouts
  13. Benefits for Non-Union Employees on Long Term Disability
  14. Benefits for Common-Law Spouse
  15. Benefits For Survivors of Employees Killed on the Job
  16. Past Service Pensions
  17. Appointments Requiring Council Approval
  18. Organizational Structure and Management Committee
  19. Sick Leave Reserve Fund
  20. Code of Ethics
  21. Workplace Harassment Prevention Policy
  22. Employment Equity Policy
  23. Executive Assistant to the Mayor
  24. "No-cut" Employment Agreements
  25. Leaves of Absence Without Pay
  26. This policy is now Council Policy 5(32)
  27. Collective Bargaining Activities
  28. Non-Issuance of Lifetime Golf Memberships
  29. Employee Absence - Work Related SARS Exposure

Chapter 19 - Planning and Development

  1. Refunding of Application Fees
  2. Preparation of Zoning By-laws by Clerk
  3. Subdivision of Land by Consent
  4. Subdivision Development
  5. Government Agencies to Pay Fees
  6. Mobile Home Parks
  7. Dealing with Matters before the O.M.B.
  8. Changing Subdivision Policies
  9. Utility Easement to Include Cable T.V.
  10. Survey Documents Suitable for Ontario Basic Mapping
  11. Incomplete Development Applications
  12. Garage Sales
  13. Planning Standards
  14. Parking Requirements for Rooming, Lodging and Boarding Houses
  15. External and Oversized Works
  16. Site Planning Guidelines             
  17. Perfecting Property Titles for which Consents were not Obtained
  18. Subdivisions and Development Security
  19. Assumption of Works and Services
  20. Joint Maintenance Agreement Provisions
  21. Minor Variance Guidelines
  22. Non-Conforming Use Guidelines
  23. Severance Guidelines
  24. Part-Lot Control Exemption
  25. Site Plan Approval and Enforcement
  26. Reporting Consent Authority Decisions
  27. Demolition Control
  28. Temporary Reduction in Parking for Promotional Events
  29. Large Claims from the Urban Works Reserve Fund
  30. Early Release of Planning Reports
  31. Substantially Changed OPA/ZBA Applications
  32. Sewer Rental Charges for Oversized Sewers
  33. Lawyers' Letters
  34. Disposition of School Sites
  35. Urban Design Awards
  36. Tree Preservation
  37. Street Cleaning in Unassumed Subdivisions
  38. Heritage Inventory - Removal of Properties
  39. Driveover Curbs and Gutters in New Subdivisions
  40. Provision of Copies of Work Orders to Complainants/Tenants
  41. Completion Date Extensions for Unassumed Subdivisions
  42. Notices of OPA and ZBA Received from Other Municipalities
  43. Concurrent Processing of Minor Variance and Official Plan and/or Zoning By-law Amendment Applications
  44. Official Plan and/or Zoning By-law Amendment Applications - Rural Settlement Rural Holding Areas
  45. Third Party Billings - City of London Contracts
  46. Naturalized Areas and Wildflower Meadows

Chapter 20 - Property

  1. Conveyance of Sanitary Filled Land
  2. Topsoiling and Seeding Old Landfill Sites
  3. Real Estate Service – MLS
  4. Motorized Vehicles on City Lands
  5. Determination of Sale Price
    Repealed January 1, 2008
  6. Financing of Sales
  7. Transactions Involving Elected Officials
  8. Property for Capital Works Projects
  9. Internal Review of Property Sales
  10. City-Owned Residential Properties
  11. Flood Plain, Conservation and Greenbelt Lands
  12. Property Enquiries to Board of Education
  13. Commissions for Industrial Land Sales
    Repealed January 1, 2008
  14. Demolitions of Buildings on Flood Plain Lands
  15. Sale of Industrial Lands
    Repealed January 1, 2008
  16. Leases for Tenants
  17. Rental of Lands for Billboards
  18. Leasing or Sale of Land
  19. Real Estate Services
  20. New Major Facilities Reserve Fund
  21. Garden Plots
  22. Lands for Public Works Projects
  23. Costs Under Municipal Tax Sales Act
  24. Sale of Surplus Property
  25. Pricing of Industrial Land
    Repealed January 1 2008
  26. Exchange of Lots in Trafalgar Woods Subdivision
    Repealed January 1, 2008
  27. Protocol for Unapproved Aboriginal Burial Sites
  28. Donation of Land and Buildings to the City of London
  29. Sale and Other Disposition of Land Policy
  30. Real Property Acquisition Policy

Chapter 21 - Purchasing and Materials Management

  1. Procurement of Goods and Services Policy

Chapter 22 - Publicity and Promotion

  1. City Advertisements in Year Books
  2. Services for Special Events
  3. Community Suite Policy

Chapter 23 - Sewers and Water

  1. Private Storm Water Connections
  2. Sewer Clean-Outs
  3. Cleaning of Sewer System
  4. City of London Sump Pump, Sewage Ejector and Storm Private Drain Connection Grant
  5. Catch Basins on Private Property
  6. Connection to Water Services
  7. Rear Yard Grading and Drainage
  8. Servicing Dry Industrial Uses in the Annexed Area
  9. Water Quality Sampling

Chapter 24 - Social Services

  1. Homemakers and Nurses Services
  2. Emergency Hostel Accommodation
  3. Suspected Fraud
  4. Job Searches
  5. Special Assistance and Supplementary Aid
  6. Long-term Hostel Accommodation
  7. Purchased Service Agreements
  8. Child Care Policies
  9. Course Attendance by Ontario Works Recipients            
  10. Ontario Works Replacement Cheques
  11. Last Month's Rent
  12. Consultation Process for Community Services Department & Community Organizations

Chapter 25 - Streets and Highways

  1. Walkway Closing Prior to Subdivision Assumption
  2. Land Dedication
  3. Private Street
  4. Banners Over City Streets
  5. Street Sale Permits
  6. Use of City Streets (Marches & Parades)
  7. Street and Lane Closing
  8. Tree Planting in New Subdivisions
  9. Street Naming - Streets of Honour
  10. All-Way Stops
  11. Damage to Sidewalks by Utilities
  12. Noise Barriers on Arterial Roads
  13. Temporary Road Closures
  14. Responsibility for Installation and Maintenance of Driveway Culverts
  15. New Traffic Signal Locations
  16. 2001 Canada Summer Games Temporary Street Closures
  17. Roads in New Subdivisions
  18. Lane Maintenance Policy
  19. Commemorative Street Naming Policy
  20. School Crossing Guard Program Policy

Chapter 26 - Taxes

  1. Tax Certificates - Uncertified Cheques
  2. Tax Collection Policy
  3. Paying Interest on Tax Refunds
  4. Treatment of Properties That Do Not Sell At Municipal Tax Sales

Chapter 27 - Traffic and Transportation

  1. Traffic By-law Amendments
  2. Traffic & Transportation Guidelines
  3. Paratransit Service
  4. Residential Front Yard and Boulevard Parking
  5. Non-Enforcement of Parking Regulations
  6. Free Downtown Parking During Christmas Season
  7. Traffic Calming Policy

Chapter 28 - Travel and Convention

  1. Travel & Business Expenses
  2. Council Members’ Expense Account