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Why Do We Use Business Plans?

What are business plans and why do we do them?

Business plans allow an organization to put "feet" on its Strategic Plan and answer the following key questions:

  • What services are we providing?       
  • What could we be doing differently?                   
  • How are they being provided?
  • Are we doing a good job?
  • What innovations have we undertaken?
  • What lies ahead?

 Aligned with the budget process and Council's Strategic Priorities, business plans provide focus for each service for several years.

How are business plans linked to the annual budget process?

Every year difficult decisions have to be made around which initiatives to fund, what the appropriate service levels should be and to chart the immediate direction of the organization through the Business Plan. The ultimate goal of this process is always to be cognizant of the long term viability of the community, to spend tax dollars wisely, and maintain the quality of life for all of our residents. When deliberating the business plan and budget Council must constantly weigh different community needs. Increases in service levels must be matched by corresponding revenues.

By law, a municipality cannot spend more funds than it takes in. As a result of this, Council often faces hard choices regarding service and taxation levels. This is a challenge at the best of times. In a climate of global and regional economic uncertainty the task is made that much harder. This also, however, presents an opportunity to be more resilient, to improve, and to do business differently where efficiencies can be achieved.

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