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2016-2019 Council Approved Multi-Year Budget & Highlights

On March 10 City Council approved an annual average tax levy increase of 2.82% property tax increase or $76 a year for the average homeowner (with an assessed value of $221,000) over the next four years.

The tax levy increase will address on-going municipal cost pressures and provide funding for initiatives and projects identified in City Council’s new Strategic Plan.

The benefits of multi-year budgeting include:

  • Alignment of longer-term goals and objectives with longer-term funding plans;
  • Greater certainty is provided to tax payers/residents about the future direction of taxes and the timing of implementation of the Strategic Plan; and,
  • Improved accountability and transparency over spending plan changes

2016-2019 Council Approved Budget

2016-2019 Approved Budget

Click here to view the 2016-2019 Approved Detailed Budget

2016-2019 Approved Water and Wastewater & Treatment Budget


The multi-year budget supports new or enhanced initiatives under the four areas of strategic focus in Council’s Strategic Plan:

Strengthening Our Community

•        Homelessness $3.8 million

•        Poverty reduction $2.1 million

•        By-law enforcement $1.1 million

•        Winter maintenance on park pathways and Thames Valley Parkway $574,000

•        Community grants $280,000

•        Mental health $200,000

Growing Our Economy

•        Dundas Place (Flex Street) $15.6 million

•        Regenerating public housing $750,000

•        Back to the River Environmental Assessment $700,000

•        City of London internship program $360,000

Building a Sustainable City

•        Rapid Transit $267.8 million (including senior government funding)

•        Investment in infrastructure gap $6.8 million

•        Urban Forestry Strategy $3.5 million

•        Warranted sidewalk program $600,000

•        Woodland management $200,000

Leading in Public Service

•        Service review savings $9.0 million

•        Service London (enhancing and improving the delivery of customer services) $3.9 million

•        Computerized maintenance management system $2.1 million

•        Garbage collection (on-board weighing and tracking technologies)  $150,000


Additionally, the multi-year budget supports ongoing operational investments in:


•        Two new libraries (northwest and southeast) $6.6 million

Parks & Recreation Services

•     Aquatics anchored multi-purpose recreation centre (East Lions Park)    $7.8 million

•     Arena anchored multi-purpose recreation centre (southeast) $27.1 million

•     Lifecycle renewal for existing parks $9.6 million

Protective Services

•     New fire hall (southeast) $3.6 million

Social & Health Services

•     Public housing major upgrades $8.8 million

Transportation Services

•    Widening Fanshawe Rd E (Adelaide St to Highbury Ave) $11.3 million

•    Widening Western Rd (Platts Lane to Oxford St) $23.1 million

•     Upgrades to Wilton Grove Rd (Commerce Rd to  City limits) $12.6 million

•     Widening Wharncliffe Rd (Becher St to Springbank Drive) $22.1 million

•     Lifecycle renewal for roads and bridges (including below) $95.8 million

  • Veterans Memorial Parkway (Oxford St to City limits)
  • Huron Street (Barker St to Sandford St)
  • Fanshawe Rd E (Highbury Ave to Clarke Rd)
  • Queens Bridge

•     Replace transit buses $30.8 million

Corporate Services

•     Replace vehicles and equipment $19.0 million

Londoners got involved:

•        50 residents came out to participate in the City of London’s annual ‘Build a Budget’ Workshops.

•        600 individuals visited the City of London’s interactive Budget simulator at with approximately 200 of those visitors submitting responses.

•        Approximately 100 emails were sent to

•        Residents visited members of Council as well as administration at 5 Open Houses (totalling 10 hours) to ask questions and provide their input.

•        Twitter – there were 721 tweets using the hashtag #LdnBudget that generated 2,326,739 impressions.

•        City Council added a 2nd Public Participation Meeting (PPM) which added another opportunity for individuals and community groups to provide thoughts and feedback.

When will Council discuss the budget again?

An important element of the multi-year budget is the annual update process.  Annual updates will provide Council the opportunity to adjust the budget to provide flexibility for special events or circumstances that require funding and resource adjustments.  Commencing in 2017 and in each subsequent year of the multi-year budget, Council will have the opportunity to make changes to the budget.


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