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Community Surveys

Community Surveys are one way The City of London can better understand the perceptions of Londoners. Each year a survey is conducted by telephone to a random selection of our residents. The survey includes a wide range of topics including the most important issues facing the community, quality of life in the City of London, satisfaction with municipal services, communication needs, and others. This survey is an opportunity for you to have your say on important community issues.

2019 Citizen Satisfaction Survey Key Findings

  • Transportation is mentioned as the most important issue facing the City of London by 38% of respondents, and each year it has been mentioned with increasing importance. It was also the most important issue in 2018 (mentioned by 35% of respondents), 2017 (36%) and 2016 (23%).
  • Development/infrastructure is noted as the second most important issue facing Londoners as mentioned by 21% of respondents. This is also a consistent top mention, as noted by 20% of respondents in 2018, 11% of respondents in 2017, and 19% in 2016.
  • An overwhelming majority of London residents believe that the quality of life in London is good (93%). Lots to do remains the highest factor contributing to the good quality of life, as well as safe city/low crime, and good/friendly/nice city.
  • Vast majority of respondents believe London is a welcoming community (90%, including 37% who strongly agree) and that they have a strong sense of belonging (88%, including 41% who strongly agree).
  • Most residents (89%), remain satisfied with the level of service delivery from the City, including 26% who are very satisfied. Overall satisfaction with City services is on par with the National Norm (91%).
  • In particular, residents are most satisfied with parks and other green spaces, public libraries, drinking water and protection services such as fire, police, ambulance.
  • Large majority of residents are satisfied with the quality of service delivery (85%), accessibility of services (80%), and the time it takes to receive services from the City of London (72%).
  • Most residents (78%) have a good perception of value for tax dollars, including 25% who believe they receive very good value. This is on par with the National Norm, and there has been an increase of 7% in those who say they receive “very good” value for their tax dollar.
  • For the first time, email (38%) significantly outranks regular mail (28%), as the most preferred method for receiving information from the City of London.





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