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London Construction Insurance Program (LCIP)


City of London construction projects with a total tender price, excluding taxes, greater than           $3 million requires insurance in accordance with the London Construction Insurance Program (LCIP).

The coverage and extensions noted below are the MINIMUM requirements for projects meeting LCIP criteria as stipulated by the City of London. It is the responsibility of the contractor and/or their insurance broker to review all potential operations and exposures to ensure that the coverage and limits covering the project are sufficient to address all insurance-related exposures presented by all aspects of the project. The Contractor shall provide, maintain, and pay for LCIP Insurance.


LCIP Minimum Core Coverage and Extensions


** Note: Builders Risk (Broad Form coverage) is not required for road surfacing, sewer, watermain and paving projects**

- Builders Risk Coverage

**Core Coverage:   Limits as required and dedicated to specific project only

  • Includes all Project Owners, Project Manager, Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Sub Contractors as Named Insured
  • Property in course of construction, installation, reconstruction or repair, owned by insured or by others so long as included in value
  • All risk wording subject to exclusions
  • Materials and supplies entering into project including landscaping, growing trees
  • Temporary structures ‐ office trailers, scaffolding, etc. & excavation, site preparation
  • Removal ‐ 7 days (or expiry)
  • Windstorm debris removal


 Extensions of  Coverage:                                                   Limits, Deductibles, Comments

1. Offsite Storage Extension                                                  1. $500,000 limit

2. Transit                                                                               2. $500,000 limit

3. Professional Fees                                                             3. $100,000 limit

4. Earthquake                                                                       4. $100,000 or 3% deductible

5. Fire Fighting Expense                                                       5. $500,000 limit

6. Flood (except for transity and leakage from water main)   6. $25,000 deductible

7. Valuable Papers                                                                7. $100,000 limit

8. Extra Expense (critical contractor equipment damage)      8. 24 hour waiting period & $250,000 limit

9. Debris Removal (doesn't affect coinsurance)                     9. 25% of limit

10. By-Laws (except heritage designated properties)            10. 500,000 limit

11. Sewer Back Up (subject to project deductible)                 11. Included

12. Margin of Profit                                                                12. Included

13. Off Premises Service Interruption (24hr waiting period)  13. $500,000 limit

14. Soft Costs                                                                       14. Value must be included in project limit

15. Expediting Cost Expense                                                15. $500,000 limit

16. Testing and Commissioning                                            16. 30 day period

17. 60 Day notice of cancellation                                         17. (except for non-payment)

18. Delayed Start-Up (NB: Limit to be set by City)                18. ONLY if requested in specifications


Wrap Up Liability Coverage:

Core Coverage:  $5 Million and dedicated to specific project only

  • Includes all Project Owners, Project Manager, Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Sub Contractors as Named Insured
  • Tenants Legal Liability Coverage (for locations related to the project only)
  • Occurrence Basis
  • Broad form property damage
  • Personal Injury
  • Continent Employers Liability
  • Cross Liability and Severability of Interest Clause
  • 60 day notice of cancellation (except in case of non‐payment)
  • Professional Liability exclusion
  • 24 month completed operations extension, including Explosion, Collapse and Underpinning
  • Damage to existing structure included


  • Will vary depending on the size and complexity of the project
  • Are subject to negotiation between the insurer and broker, and acceptance by the City of London, such acceptance not to unreasonably with-held.


Environmental Impairment Liability Coverage:

For EACH project the CONTRACT will specify if pollution/EIL cover is required. When required insurance coverage must be arranged through a licensed insurer providing coverage that meets the minimum requirements of the specifications of the individual project.

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