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Bid Documents (Tenders/ Quotes/ Proposals)

Important changes to our online procurement service

The City of London has launched a new online procurement service, bids&tenders™ that makes it easier for you to review, register and submit bids for goods and services.

To continue submitting bids to the City of London you must subscribe as a vendor for the new bids&tenders™ system.

Subscription to bids&tenders™ is available at an annual cost of $165 CDN.

Only bidding once this year? A one-time bid fee is available for $45 CDN per bid.

Please note: The City of London charges an additional document fee of $30 for most bid document downloads.

Bid management tools
bids&tenders™ gives you access to more opportunities and valuable bid management tools, including:

  • Ability to upload and submit bids 100% electronically
  • Track and manage bids at a glance with your custom dashboard
  • Select your categories, so you only see the bids you want
  • Automated email notifications of new bid opportunities, including addenda
  • Work on a bid, save your work, and see the bid closing countdown in real time
  • Ability to withdraw and change your bid, then resubmit if desired
  • Automated confirmation when your bid has been submitted, received, or withdrawn
  • Built-in calculator that does the math for you, eliminating calculation errors
  • Built-in compliancy checker so your bids are never rejected for incomplete information
  • Built-in reminders sent to you if a bid has been started but not submitted within 48 hours, 24 hours, and 12 hours from close

We invite suppliers providing various goods and services to the City of London to register for an online webinar to learn more about the new system.

View Current Bid Opportunities.

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