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Releasing One Foot Reserves

One foot (0.3 metre) reserves may need to be released in order to provide legal access to a public street in connection with an approved Consent or Development Agreement. In most cases the City "lifts" reserves by dedicating them as public highway where after they become part of the road allowance they abut. Where circumstances require it, reserves may be transferred from the City to the abutting owner. In all cases the City will determine the appropriate method to release the reserve.

Applying to Release a Reserve

Written requests to release a reserve should be submitted to the Clerk's Office and include:

  • Documentation providing proof that the City has authorized the lifting of the reserve. (e.g. Development Agreement, Consent etc.)
  • Confirmation that the Consent has been executed or Development Agreement registered.
  • PIN printout for the reserve being lifted (confirming City ownership and legal description).
  • A cheque in the amount of $76.55 (including taxes) payable to the "Treasurer - City of London" to cover By-law registration fees.

        (There is no application form.)

In the case where only a part of a reserve is to be released or the description is not acceptable to the Land Registrar, the applicant is responsible for providing a reference plan acceptable to the City Surveyor. Once Geomatics has reviewed and accepted the application, the required dedication By-law will be requisitioned, registered on title and a copy will be provided to the applicant for their files. The entire process normally takes two months to complete from start to finish.

Please note that reserves will not be lifted until after the Consent is executed or Site Plan Agreement registered and proof thereof is provided.

Please refer any questions pertaining to reserves to the Geomatics Division.


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  • What is the purpose of a Reserve?

    ​Reserves are narrow strips of land 0.3 metres (one foot) wide that separate properties from a street or road allowance. They are owned and controlled by municipality and are used as an access control tool. Where an approved Consent or Development Agreement necessitates the release or "lifting" of a reserve, this page explains the process to have the reserve released, thus permitting legal access to the street.

  • What about reserves in new subdivision developments?

    ​The City controls the lifting of road reserves in new developments and will arrange to release them when appropriate. There is no need to make an application. If you encounter a reserve in a new development that does not appear to have been lifted and you think it should be, please contact Geomatics.

  • How do I release a reserve that affects my property?

    ​If you encounter a reserve that you believe should have been lifted, please contact Geomatics.

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