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Irrigation Systems

Property owners wishing to install an irrigation (sprinkler) system partly on the street boulevard (City property) need to be aware of certain restrictions and conditions. The City's S-1 (Streets) By-Law prohibits the placement of any object or structure upon, over or under a street without lawful authority, therefore the City does not condone and cannot grant permission for property owners to install or have installed an irrigation system on City property including boulevards.


However, if a property owner wishes to install a sprinkler system partly on the City boulevard, generally no action will be taken by the City provided that:

  • the public is not inconvenienced in any way due to the installation or operation of the sprinkler system; and,
  • the property owner understands that the City, its agents and authorized utility companies accept no liability for damage to the sprinkler system under any circumstances.

An irrigation system is installed solely at the property owner's risk and expense and under no circumstances will the City or utility companies be responsible for damages to irrigation systems located on City-owned road allowances no matter how caused.


Please note that a backflow preventer is required at the connection to the potable water system to prevent possible contamination of the water system. A building permit for plumbing is required for the connection of the irrigation system to the City's water system.  In accordance with City of London Water By-law W-8, annual testing of the backflow preventer by a Registered Tester is the responsibility of the property owner.  For more information, please refer to the Backflow Prevention and Monitoring Program page.

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