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Economic Partnerships

Economic Partnerships, Community and Economic Innovation

The Economic Partnerships Office serves to:

Increase Collaboration: Work collaboratively through open and effective communication to achieve common goals.

  • Focus on increasing communication and efficiency while improving outcomes;
  • Align organizational goals and share resources for a mutual benefit;
  • Bring individuals, agencies, organizations and community members together in an atmosphere of support to systematically solve existing and emerging problems;
  • Encourage collaboration where the public, private and non-profit sectors work together to achieve a mutual objectives.

Encourage Partnerships:  Enhance economic growth for all Londoners by developing strategic partnerships with public, private and nongovernmental organizations.

  • Seek out and review potential partnerships and business opportunities for the City of London.

Encourage a Supportive Business Environment: Support LEDC as well as other economic development organizations/stakeholders and ensure that London Businesses have the support they need to realize their full growth potential.

  • Foster stronger relationships with businesses for all sectors of the economy as well as business support agencies and our educational institutions.

Capitalize on Opportunities:  Focus on overlooked value-generating activities;

  • Manage and/or support:
    • Internal business plan, business case, and strategy development;
    • Evaluation and review of potential business ideas;
    • Investment and partnership projects approved by City Council.

Foster Innovation: Help create a culture that fosters creativity and focus on continuous improvement.

Add value: Everything we do must add value in the eyes of our client.

Because many companies are building their businesses around partnerships, looking forward the Economic Partnerships Office will focus on initiating and managing strategic relationships.


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