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London's Community Economic Road Map

The City of London together with the help of the London Chamber of Commerce, the London Economic Development Corporation, as well as numerous members of the business community embarked on a process to develop London’s Community Economic Road Map.

The process to develop the Road Map was supported by a Steering Committee, an expert consulting team, as well as a Partnership Panel who represented key sectors in London, including government, business, post-secondary, not-for-profit, and the wider community. This strategy is the result of a process that engaged hundreds of Londoner’s seeking their ideas, aspirations and hopes for London’s economy and what it provides for its residents – economic security and sustainability.

Growing our Economy remains a top priority for Municipal Council, the Civic Administration, and the London community. Accordingly, as part of the City’s Strategic Plan for 2015-2019, “Growing our Economy” emerged as a primary area of focus. As such, the pertinent objectives identified under the Growing our Economy area of focus have been incorporated in the Road Map resulting in Municipal Council endorsement on November 10th, 2015.

London’s Community Economic Road Map is founded on the values of alignment, engagement and partnership. This strategy is intended to serve as a catalyst for maximizing economic success across our community. It identifies local strengths, weaknesses, prioritizes economic opportunities and, presents an action plan to maximize economic success. This Road Map will help guide the activities of the City and partner organizations over the short, medium, and long term time horizon.

Working towards 2020, we will focus on five economic priorities:

  1. A city for entrepreneurs;
  2. A supportive business environment;
  3. An exceptional downtown, a vibrant urban environment
  4. A top quality workforce; and
  5. A national Centre of Excellence for medical innovation and commercialization.

Achieving these goals will help grow the economy and make our city and region an even better place to live and work.

Londoners want their city to prosper, by offering employment opportunities and a rich quality of life. London’s Community Economic Road Map allows London to leverage its economic assets, and help many partners working together to grow London’s economy.

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London's Community Economic Road Map Update

  • A 14 member Economic Partnership Advisory Panel comprised of representatives from government, business, post-secondary, not-for-profit, and the wider community has been created to provide strategic guidance for the Road Map’s implementation.
  • Five "Action Teams", comprised of key industry and business representatives, entrepreneurs and special interest organizations, as well as government and community partners, have been created to advance the implementation of the Road Map.
  • The first annual update report related to the economic priorities, objectives and actions of the Road Map was released on November 16th, 2016.
  • The first Economic Road Map Update event was held on November 16th at the London Convention Centre. It provided an update on the Road Map’s implementation and served as the platform for information exchange.


As part of our commitment to keeping local partners and external stakeholders informed of the progress and status of the Road Map moving forward, a dashboard report has been prepared.  It provides a year one update on the implementation of the Road Map, and offers a comprehensive review of the progress made since the strategy was launched in November of 2015. The dashboard was launched at the November 16th first Economic Road Map Update event.

This is a strategy for the whole of London. The successful achievement of these goals and actions needs the support of all organizations, companies, entities and individuals with an interest in the development of London’s economy and shared prosperity. Implementation is a collective endeavour. There is significant need for participation, and more importantly partnership, to deliver on the goals, objectives and actions within.

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