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2014 Development Charges Study

Aerial photo of subdivision

 In April 2012, City Council initiated a development charges background study that will identify growth infrastructure needs for a 20 year period. This information is used to calculate the amount of money to be recovered from new houses, apartments, and non-residential buildings to pay for major infrastructure being built throughout the city. A development charges background study is required by the Development Charges Act. The 2014 Development Charges Background Study will be used as a basis for a new Development Charges By-law, which provides the rules and requirements for development charge fees.  The charges are generally collected at the time of a building permit application.

A public participation meeting regarding the Study and By-law was held on May 5th in Council Chambers. On June 24, 2014, Municipal Council approved the 2014 Development Charges By-law and Background Study. The new DC By-law is effective as of August 4, 2014. 

What changes are being considered in the 2014 DC Study?

Several development charges issues have been identified for review and evaluation during the 2014 DC Study:

  • Future of the Urban Works Reserve Fund (UWRF)
  • Local servicing policy
  • Timing of development charge fee payment
  • Differential development charges within the Urban Growth Area
  • Development charge exemptions
  • Inclusion of eligible services currently not receiving development charge funding

Development Charges External Stakeholder Committee

The City Treasurer has formed a committee of stakeholders in order to provide feedback about the Study’s direction throughout the process. The community and industry members of the Committee are:

  • Dick Brouwer (Non-London Development Institute representative)
  • Jim Kennedy (London Development Institute representative)
  • Lois Langdon (London Home Builders' Association)
  • Sandy Levin (Urban League of London)
  • Craig Linton (London Development Institute)
  • Gloria McGinn-McTeer (Urban League of London)
  • Toby Stolee (London Home Builders' Association)