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Stormwater Consultant Resources

Growth Management Implementation Strategy (GMIS) Stormwater Servicing Project Information

Growth Management Implementation Strategy (GMIS) stormwater servicing projects are constructed in accordance with the City’s Stormwater Management Facility Design and Construction Process.  Further information related to the status of any GMIS stormwater project can be accessed using the Just in Time Tracking Process Tool (must be opened using Google Chrome). 

Stormwater Servicing Related Studies

This following list includes stormwater studies in areas where imminent development is anticipated. Studies include completed Municipal Class Environmental Assessment studies, SWM Functional Reports and Subwatershed Studies undertaken by either the Stormwater Engineering Division or by consultants on behalf of Developers.

Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Reports

Dingman Creek B4 EA (2015)

Dayus Creek EA (2013)

Fox Hollow Developments Area Municipal Class EA Addendum Report (Aug 2010)

Hyde Park Community EA (2002)

Kilally South EA (2003) & Kilally South EA Addendum (2016)

London Psychiatric Hospital Lands (2011)

Mud Creek EA (2017)

Murray Marr EA (2002)

North Lambeth P-9 SWM Facility Municipal Class EA Final (2015)

Old Oak Area EA (2006)

Old Victoria Area EA (2009)

Pincombe Drain EA (2013)

Pottersburg Creek Slope Stability EA (2013)

Stoney Creek Undeveloped Lands November 2007

Stoney Creek Undeveloped Lands - Revised/Amended EA (2012)

Summerside Master Plan (2004) & Summerside Master Plan - Technical Appendix (2004)

Sunningdale Area Undeveloped Land EA (2009)

Sunningdale Area Undeveloped Land EA (2009) Appendix

Tributary C EA (2013)

White Oak EA Addendum (2014)

Wickerson Development Area EA (2008)

Stormwater Management Functional Design Reports

Airport Road South Industrial Park SWM Servicing Report (July 2005)

Dingman B4 SWM Facility (Jan 11, 2017)

Fox Hollow Community SWM Facility 1 South Cell (2011 & Revisions 2013, 2015)

Hyde Park SWM Facility 1B1 (2010)

Hyde Park SWM Facility 4 and Stanton Drain Remediation (2011)

North Lambeth P9 SWM Facility (Aug 29, 2016)  

North Lambeth P9 Natural Channel Design Tributary C to Dingman Creek North Lambeth SWM

Old Victoria SWM Facility 1 (2015)

Old Victoria SWM Facility 2 (2012)

Pincombe Stormwater Management Facility No. 3 (2019)

Sunningdale SWM Facility 4 (2011)

Tributary 'C' Stormwater Servicing (Revised Aug 2015)

Upands SWM Facility B2 (2011)

Wickerson SWM Facility SB (2014)

City of London Current Subwatershed Studies

The Coves

Dingman Creek

Dodd & Kettle Creeks

Medway Creek Stanton Drain and Mud Creek

Pottersburg Creek

Sharon Creek

Stoney Creek

Thames Valley Area






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