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SCADA and Instrumentation Standards

Who needs the SCADA and Instrumentation Standards?

The City of London SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and Instrumentation Standards documentation is provided as reference material for individuals and companies working on water, wastewater and pollution control projects that involve the City's SCADA system and associated equipment.

What do the SCADA and Instrumentation Standards include?

The content includes specific standards and specifications for SCADA and related instrumentation, electrical, field identification of equipment, commissioning, documentation and training requirements.

There are three volumes as follows:

SCADA and Instrumentation Standards and Tenders

Tender documents for water, wastewater and pollution control projects will specify the applicable standards including the revision number.  Contractors are responsible for informing the contact person listed in the tender package if standards presented here do not provide the required information.

Pre-selection of RPU Programmer:

When such a pre-selection applies the City of London will negotiate a fixed price in advance of tendering which will be carried by all bids.


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