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Plan Submission Standards

All plans submitted to the City for approval must comply with content and technical requirements explained here. For details, please refer to the appropriate section below.





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  • Plan Submission Requirements (General)

    ​The following digital plan submission requirements apply to draft and final subdivision plans, site plans, legal survey plans and topographic plans completed either on behalf of the City or for a private party where the plan will be subject to review and approval by the City.

    General Requirements

    Draft and final plans of subdivision and site plans submitted to the City for approval at any stage shall be submitted along with a digital version of the plan in AutoCAD DWG format. In general, there are no restrictions as to the content and symbology with the exception of the construction layer.

    Construction Layer Required

    All plans must contain a construction layer named "LINEWORK" that incorporates all relevant linework including the boundary of existing limits, new parts, proposed streets, lots, blocks, street widenings and reserves which represent the proposed development. Underlying lot fabric or linework lying outside the subject development shall not be included on the construction layer, nor shall the construction layer contain any other extraneous information including text. The linework contained on the construction layer must be in its precise real-world location and not exaggerated for the purpose of cartographic clarity. The construction linework must not be unduly broken (e.g., by iron bar symbols or text) and a reasonable effort must be expended to ensure that the linework is polygon ready (i.e., ends of lines and arcs join precisely where intended and crossing lines are broken). The construction layer line style shall be continuous (solid) but can be any colour and weight.

    Georeferencing (*new)

    Digital files must be referenced to the City of London's geographic reference system which is the NAD'83 (original) datum, 6 degree UTM projection expressed in meters. The digital file is to be submitted at ground level values* and must designate the UTM scale reference point including the details as per the “UTM” AutoCAD block found in “CoL C3D Prototype.dwt”. All dimensions shall be shown as ground level distances. For most projects in the City, a combined scale factor of 0.9995650000 can be used to convert from ground-to-grid.

    Supplementary Information

    The digital file should contain sufficient information to assist City staff in evaluating the application. Helpful information will likely include street names, lot numbers, abutting linework, key map and map surround with title block, plan number, date, etc. All such additional information can be submitted on any layer using any symbology but it is strongly suggested that standard fonts be used so that any plots generated by City staff for internal use are similar to the hardcopy submission. For expediency, contours and DTM data should not be included with the file.

    Digital Submission Requirements

    The files are to be submitted in AutoCAD DWG (2D) format and must be able to be read using the latest version of AutoCAD without the need for special add-on software that may have been used to generate the drawing. The construction layer containing the linework described above shall be named "LINEWORK" and must not be blocked. The digital file must be submitted in model space with tile mode set to one and must have no references to paper space and no reference files are to be used. The file units must be in metres georeferenced to the City's horizontal control system (NAD'83 (original) datum, 6 degree UTM projection) with the User Coordinate System set to World and be in an unrotated plan view at 1:1 scale. City staff will not attempt to transform drawings to the City's horizontal control system therefore it is strongly suggested the applicant first check the drawing by referencing it to the City's Parcel Mapping/Topographic mapping from the City's Mapping CD.

  • Engineering Drawing Submissions

    The City of London's Engineering Record Drawing - Drafting Standards and Submission Requirements manual applies to all engineering works that are or will be owned by the City or that will be privately owned but are located on City property. Examples include public works projects done under contract with City and development-driven projects that contain a public works component. Engineering Consultants are required to submit Engineering Record Drawings in accordance with this standard to the Geomatics Division, Room L106 at City Hall.

    Note these standards do not apply to draft plans, legal surveys, topographic surveys, architectural and engineering drawings associated with facilities such as treatment plants, pump stations, bridges, some of which are discussed below.

    Submission Milestones

    Engineering plans are required to be submitted at two milestones of a project:

    • The approved construction drawings are required immediately upon final acceptance of the drawings in which case the submission will include a complete set of full sized paper prints stamped and signed by the Project Engineer, together with the associated digital files.

    • The post construction Engineering Record Drawings including stamped and signed original paper prints and their associated digital files are required upon final acceptance by the Geomatics Division. Security will not be released until Geomatics receives and accepts the final stamped and signed Record Drawings.

    Plan Certification Required

    All final submissions of Engineering Record Drawings and As-Built Drawings must be stamped and signed by the Managing Engineer, without exception. Where multiple engineering consultants have collaborated on a project the City will allow the use of the following disclaimer that is designed to protect the certifiying engineer from assuming third-party liablity.

    “This Engineering Record Drawing has been prepared incorporating designs, information and measurements (“third party information”) compiled from multiple sources. The signing engineer does not warrant the accuracy of the third party information."

    Downloadable References

    Latest version: 2018-02-02*

    * To identify recent changes please refer to the "last revision" date in the master spreadsheet.

  • Legal Survey Plan Submissions

    In addition to the general requirements, the following standards apply to plans prepared by an Ontario Land Surveyor for submission to the City.

    The City reserves the right to request a digital copy of the plan, but unless specifically requested a digital copy does not have to be submitted.

    Metric Units

    All plans shall be drawn using metric units and dimensions must be shown to three decimal places of a metre.

    Form 2 - Include Areas and Owner's Name

    In addition to the mandatory Form 2 schedule under O.Reg. 43-96, the area and owner (as shown on the PIN) shall be listed for each Part. Areas shall be expressed either square metres and square feet or hectares and acres to four decimal places, whichever is most appropriate.

    Preliminary Submission Requirements (*new)

    Preliminary submission shall include:

    • A PDF image and DWG file of the preliminary plan.
    • *Digital copy of the title search in PDF format including block map, PIN sheet of the subject and abutting properties and complete copies of instruments (not just first page and description) such as deeds, transfers, easements, and any development agreements pertaining to the subject property along with supporting plans that are not filed in the Registry Office.

    Final Submission shall include:

    • PDF image of the final plan.
    • DWG file.

    Fair Use of Plan

    The City retains the absolute right to use and modify the plan and digital file and its associated data and distribute to third parties as it deems necessary.

  • Surveyor's Assumption Certificates

    Surveyor's Assumption Certificates certifying survey monumentation shall be submitted to the City Surveyor as a condition of assumption of the public works component for subdivsions. Submission shall consist of a full-sized PDF image of the Plan of Subdivision marked to clearly show the confirmed survey monumentation in red and include an appropriate certificate dated and signed by an Ontario Land Surveyor. The signing Ontario Land Surveyor does not need to be the same one that signed the original Plan of Subdivision.

    The Certificate is intended to confirm that survey monuments defining the exterior boundary of the subdivision, streets, lanes, walkways, street widenings, reserves, park blocks, storm water management blocks, and any other block or parcel of land that has been dedicated or transferred to the City or that will be ultimately owned by the City, were in place as of the date the Certificate was signed.

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