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Municipal Addressing & Street (Re)Naming

Municipal Addressing:

Municipal addressing in the City of London includes street numbering and re-numbering and street naming and re-naming. Guidelines used to assist in municipal addressing include the City's street-naming guidelines (a collection of policies) and the City's Naming of Highways and Numbering of Buildings and Lots By-law B-1.


Individuals who wish to apply to have their building or lot re-numbered can utilize the Municipal Number Re-assignment form.

Street Naming

The naming of new streets is most often done through the subdivision approval process and proposed by the developer.  However anyone can submit a suggestion for the naming of new streets: Usually this is done through the City's Streets of Honour program, but street name suggestions can be made at any time by contacting development services.  All name submissions are checked against existing street names for duplication; analyzing the spelling and sound of proposed streets to ensure clarity and ease of location for first responders.


From time to time there may be a desire to have an existing street renamed: Not to honour an outstanding citizen or significant event but for any number of other reasons.  In these instances an application may be made to Development Services to request the renaming of the street.

In all cases, proposals are circulated to the Municipal Addressing Advisory Group for input before a decision to add the name to the Official Street Index (or to rename the street) is made.  Regulations pertaining to street naming and renaming are detailed in the City's Naming of Highways and Numbering of Buildings and Lots By-law B-1.  More general information can be found on the associated application forms.

Municipal Addressing Advisory Group

The Municipal Addressing Advisory Group (M.A.A.G.) reviews and recommends street names for new public and sanctioned private streets as well as applications for re-naming, municipal numbering and unit numbering issues.  This group is comprised of representatives from Development and Compliance Services, City Clerk's Office, Environment and Engineering Services and Emergency Service providers (Fire, Police and Ambulance), who meet on an ad-hoc basis.

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