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Design Specifications and Requirements Manual

2019 Design Specifications & Requirements Manual

The design information contained in this manual is intended to provide guidance beyond legislative and standard design practices for use in the City of London (the City). There will be site specific situations where the design will depart from these practices as it is not possible nor is it the intention of the City to anticipate every situation. The City also acknowledges that other references such as the ‘Standard Contract Documents for Municipal Construction Projects’ are to be used in conjunction with this manual.

You can use the links below to access individual chapters of the Design Specifications and Requirements Manual for the City of London.  In the upper right corner you can click to download the entire document as a .pdf

This document was updated August, 2019.


2019 Design Specifications and Requirements Manual

(Chapter by Chapter)

a- Title Page

b- Introductory Caveat

c- Table of Contents

01- Introduction

02- Transportation

03- Sanitary Sewer Collections

04- Sanitary Sewage Pumping Stations

05- Storm Sewers

06- Stormwater Management

07- Water Design Standards

08- Water Pumping Stations

09- Grading

10- Sediment and Erosion

11- Parks and Open Spaces

12- Tree Planting and Protection Guidelines

13- Material Substitutions

14- Contact Information

15- Installation and Inspection of Water & Sewer

16- Noise Attenuation Measures

17- Trenchless Technologies

18- Drafting and Design Requirements for New Subdivisions

19 - Development Compliance Procedures


The following drawings from the manual (above) have been provided in a larger scale for your convenience:

FIG 3.1 Sanitary Sewer Design Chart

FIG 5.1 Storm Sewer Design Chart

FIG 5.2 Rainfall Intensity/Duration Curve


Historic Documents

For your information, below are links to older versions of the Design Specifications and Requirements Manual.  Note: These are large files

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