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Map of Zoning By-law

How To Use the Zoning CityMap

City of London's Interactive Zoning CityMap

The City of London's Zoning By-Law Z.-1 governs what uses are permitted on individual properties, and larger areas, throughout the City and regulates the scale and intensity of which individual properties can be developed.  The City has prepared an interactive zoning map - Zoning CityMap - to help you get current zoning information.  Once you launch the map, you must click the "I Agree" disclaimer button on the page to access the map.  Users can search properties by address or zone, if seeking a specific zone.

To Search by Address - Type an address, street name, or intersection (i.e. street A & street B) into the text box at the upper left of the map, then click the magnifying glass.

CityMap Search text box




You can also pan around the map by clicking and holding the map, then moving your mouse.  Use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out.

To search by Zone - Type a zone code into the search box, for example, RSC2.  All the zones which match that code will be highlighted in yellow on the map. To search a compound zone, enter the entire zone code with a '/' between the parts [i.e. R3-2/OC2] and click the magnifying glass.  These can help you narrow down your search for specifically zoned properties.

Please Note; only major zone codes [such as R2-2 or OC2, for example] can be searched.  The map will not search for special provision zones [i.e. R2-2(12) or OC2(1)]. 

Map with highlighted zone codes








Zoning Information - to obtain specific information about a zone applied to a property, click on the desired property on the map.  An information box will appear providing links to existing property information, parcel information, or parking area information.  You can click on these links to get more specific information.  If you do not see the zoning information, check to see if there is more than one "page" (top left corner of the information box) to toggle between information screens.

Zone Identify result




When you click on the zone code (e.g. 'DA2') or one of the zone modifiers (e.g. 'D350'), a new browser window will open with the zoning regulations specific to that zone, from the zoning by-law.

Please Note; this map represents only a portion of the zoning by-law.  Other regulations could apply to the property or the zone.  Should you have any questions about Zoning By-laws or properties in the City, please contact City’s Zoning division (519) 930-3510.  The zoning by-law map and text are available here by clicking on the pertinent icon.


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