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Urban Design

At its essence, urban design is a process of shaping a city’s physical form. In doing so, urban design plays a pivotal role in creating healthy communities, enriching public spaces, “people-first” environments, vibrant neighbourhoods, well preserved natural areas, and economically successful development projects.

Through a number of initiatives, Council has “raised the bar” on urban design in London. Projects such as the Placemaking Demonstration Project, the Urban Design Awards and the establishment of an Urban Design Peer Review Panel all contribute to a better London.


Illustrated Urban Design Principles and Examples

In many cases urban design concepts are more easily demonstrated or illustrated than they are explained. For this reason, Staff have prepared a compendium of Illustrated Urban Design Principles. The document has not been adopted by Council as an official guideline document, but can be used as a reference document in urban design discussions, so that concepts are clearly understood.

Urban Design - What is it all about?

What is the value of Urban Design?

Illustrated Urban Design Principles

Illustrated Urban Design Examples

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