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Map of  Study Area - White Oak Dingman Secondary Plan

White Oak-Dingman Secondary Plan


In 2014 the City of London initiated an Official Plan Amendment to conduct a review of the land uses within the White Oak-Dingman Area.  The results of that review were a change in Official Plan land use designation for a portion of the White Oak-Dingman area from “Industrial” designation to “Urban Reserve-Community Growth” designation.  

Those “Urban Reserve-Community Growth” lands are now identified as “Future Community Growth” Place Type under the London Plan (which is the new Official Plan for the City).

Secondary Plan:

The “Future Community Growth” Place Type establishes the intent for future urban development, but that development is not permitted until a Secondary Plan has been approved.  The Secondary Plan will determine the urban Place Type and a comprehensive and coordinated set of development and design permissions, including uses, intensities of use, and forms of development.

Council gave direction to initiate the White Oak-Dingman Secondary Plan in December 2017.  

Community Information Meeting

This meeting is to start the White Oak-Dingman Secondary Plan process. The meeting will provide an opportunity for the City to share project information with the community (including “terms of reference” for the project) and to seek input from the community on your goals and visions for the development of the “Future Community Growth” lands within this Secondary Plan area.


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