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Zoning By-law Amendment

The City is divided into "zones", where different land uses are permitted. There are zones, for example, which permit single detached dwellings, while others permit apartment buildings, and still others permit shopping centres or industrial uses. Occasionally a property owner may wish to change of the range of uses permitted on the property or wishes to develop the property for a use that is currently not permitted by the zone.  To do this, a Zoning By-law Amendment process is required which involves a public review of the application.

How do I apply for a Zoning By-law Amendment?

Below are a list of links to help with the Zoning By-law amendment process.  If you have any questions with the process contact the Planning Department.

Process for applying  for a Zoning By-law Amendment?

Proposal Summary template

Zoning By-law amendment application forms

Zoning By-law amendment fees

How are Zoning By-law amendment applications evaluated?

How do individuals, neighbourhoods and others participate in the Zoning By-law amendment process?

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