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Official Plan Amendment

The Official Plan contains policies governing various land use designations, such as Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural and Open Space. While the Official Plan is intended to establish the policies for long-term growth, the Plan is periodically reviewed to ensure that it continues to meet the changing economic, social and environmental needs of the municipality. Occasionally, it is necessary to amend the policies and/or designations contained in the Official Plan in order to facilitate new development or redevelopment proposals. Opportunities for public review and input are provided prior to the City adopting any Official Plan Amendments.

The Plan should not be regarded as a static or inflexible document, but rather one that is expected to change over time to respond to evolving economic, social, environmental during the planning period. The Official Plan recognizes this by including policies that set out the criteria and considerations that are to be used in the evaluation of applications for Official Plan amendments.

How do I change London's Official Plan?

Below are a list of links to help with the Official Plan amendment process.  If you have any questions with the process contact the Planning Department.

Process for applying to change London's Official Plan?

Proposal Summary template

Official Plan amendment application forms

Official Plan amendment fees

How are Official Plan amendment applications evaluated?

How do individuals, neighbourhoods and others participate in the Official Plan amendment process?

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