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Consultation for Planning Act Applications

The Planning Act permits municipalities to require an applicant to meet with the municipality prior to submitting an application to amend the Official Plan or Zoning By-law, or prior to submitting an application for subdivision, condominium, or site plan approval.  The purpose of having a meeting prior to making an application is to provide an opportunity for City Staff - in consultation with the applicant - to clarify the information and materials that the applicant may be required to submit with the application.

The Planning Pre-Consultation By-law was enacted in 2011 in order to take advantage of this opportunity to meet with applicants, their agents, and consultants to identify and discuss major challenges or constraints pertaining to proposed projects.  There is a fee associated with this service. Please email for details.

Official Plan & Zoning By-law Amendment(s) Pre-Consultation:

A Proposal Summary Report must be submitted to Development Services, Current Planning prior to applying for an official plan amendment [OPA], zoning by-law amendment[ZBA], or a combined OPA/ZBA.

The submission of the material can be made at Development Services, Current Planning: 300 Dufferin Ave 6th Fl, London, ON, N6A 4L9. For more information, contact Current Planning by email or phone: 519-930-3500.

The "Proposal Summary Guideline" is available to download and print, to help ensure you provide the necessary information to Planning Services when preparing your submission.

Subdivision & Condominium Pre-Consultation:

An "Initial Proposal Report" [IPR] must be submitted to Development Services prior to making an application for subdivision or condominium.  The IPR is a summary report that documents the primary assumptions made by the applicant regarding planning and servicing issues. It typically consists of several pages of text, plus figures, depending on the complexity of the proposal.  Monthly meetings are held to review submitted IPRs. 

The "IPR Guideline" is available to download and print, and submissions of the IPR can be made in person, at City Hall, 6th Floor, 300 Dufferin Ave., N6A 4L9, or by contacting Development Services by email or phone: 519-930-3500.

A schedule of proposal review meetings and deadlines for submission is available here.

Site Plan Pre-Consultation:

The Request for Site Plan Consultation Guideline Document describes the level of detail and process that your site plan consultation request will go through.  Submission of the Request for Site Plan Consultation acts as the Applicant’s formal request to initiate mandatory consultation as required under the City’s Site Plan Control By-law.

Requests for consultation can be made electronically at  Please ensure you've read the Request for Consultation Guideline Document (downloadable here) before submitting your Request for Consultation form to the email address, along with the necessary supporting documentation.

Please Note: For all applications, pre-application consultation does not preclude statutory public participation meetings, nor does the consultation constitute pre-approval for projects.  It does allow the municipality to identify major planning and servicing issues pertaining to conceptual developments.  Public participation remains an essential part of the process, once an application has been made to the City of London.


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