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Current Development Applications

Look for Active Planning Applications using "CityMap"

Did you see a sign on a property saying Possible Land Use Change? Are you curious to find out where planning applications have been made in your neighbourhood?

Simply open CityMap and look for the dark black property outlines - these properties have been identified as the subject of a current planning application. Click on these properties and you will be provided basic information relating to that application.

Note that only current applications for Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments, minor variances, consents to sever, plans of subdivision, and site plans are shown. To find a location, simply zoom to a scale less than 2 km using the buttons above the map, and click on a property that is shown with a dark black border. For information about the application click "Identify" at the top of the page and then click on any property in the blue shaded area.

An information box will open in the top corner of the page with a link to property information and a link to application information. Click on the highlighted application number and a second information box will open. In this box information will be listed about the applicant, the assigned planner, the file status and public document links such as "the notice of application" or "the notice of public meeting."

Different types of applications are identified by specific codes. For example, Official Plan amendments are recognizable by the code (O-xxxx), zoning by-law amendments (Z-xxxx), plans of subdivisions (39T-xxxxx), plans of condominiums (39CD-xxxxx), removal of holding provisions (H-xxxx), minor variances ( and consents/severances (

Before you use the interactive map, read the instructions on how to use this tool. Don't forget, you will need to zoom in to a scale of 2km or less to see the information clearly. Zoom in using the buttons at the top of the interactive map.

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