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Green Development Strategies

Municipalities across Ontario, North America and throughout the world are recognizing the significant role that local development can play in impacting the environment. For example, the City structure (location and density of development) and the way in which municipal infrastructure is delivered can have a massive impact on automobile usage, walk-ability, the feasibility of alternative modes of transportation such as transit and cycling, and the avoidance sprawl. At a smaller scale, neighbourhood subdivision design and individual site planning can contribute significantly to energy savings, greenhouse gas reductions, water conservation and natural heritage preservation. At the smallest scale of consideration, individual building construction - both the product and the construction process itself can have a significant impact on construction process itself can have a significant impact on goals for the environment.

In partnership with the City of London’s development industry, the Green Development Strategy is intended to address development at each of these levels. At the heart of the green development strategy is the goal of fostering sustainable development that will benefit London and, by “taking care of our own backyard”, will also benefit the planet. At the heart of the term sustainability, is the notion that development will achieve the greatest balanced benefit from a social, environmental and economic perspective. The Green Development Strategy will seek to foster development that will directly, or indirectly, contribute to:

  • Conserving energy
  • Reducing greenhouse gasses
  • Reducing impact on natural heritage features
  • Conserving agricultural land
  • Conserving water
  • Reducing/managing stormwater runoff
  • Reducing solid waste

In doing so, the strategy will address both new development and existing development (eg. adaptive re-use of existing buildings, infill and intensification of individual sites, retrofitting suburban subdivisions, etc.).

Reports and Background Studies

Green Municipal Incentives Project Report - February 27, 2012
Green Development Strategy Presentation
Green Municipal Incentives – Presentation
Council Report June 21, 2010 - Municipal Green Incentives Project


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