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ReThink London

ReThink London was the process that lead to the preparation of The London Plan – a new official plan for the City of London. ReThink was a community conversation that invited Londoners to think about the future of our City, and contribute to a plan to shape growth and development to 2035. The ReThink London process resulted in writing The London Plan, which was approved by the province on December 28, 2017. The approval of the London Plan marked to conclusion of ReThink, but Londoners are encouraged to continue to think about how we can shape our City as we implement the vision and policies in The London Plan.

The below reports and initiatives all contributed to The London Plan.

Discussion Papers

1. Fostering a Prosperous City

2. Connecting the Region

3. Building a Mixed Use Compact City

4. Providing Transportation Choices

5. Building a Greener City

6. Supporting a Culturally Rich and Diverse City

7. Building Strong and Attractive Neighbourhoods

8. Making Wise Planning Decisions Careful Management

What We've Heard

Background Studies and Reports

How we Live

How we Grow

How we Green

How we Move

How we Prosper

Previous Versions of The London Plan

 First Draft – May 2014

Second Draft – June 2015

The London Plan as adopted by Council – May 2016




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