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An Official Plan - What is it?

The Official Plan contains City Council's objectives and policies to guide the short-term and long-term physical development of all lands within the boundary of the municipality. The Plan seeks to balance the multiple goals of economic prosperity, community vitality, environmental responsibility, enriched cultural identity and infrastructure sustainability.

It provides direction for the allocation of land use, provision of municipal services and facilities, and preparation of regulatory by-laws to control the development and use of land. These types of policies are considered necessary to promote orderly urban growth and compatibility among land uses.

The Plan should not be regarded as a static or inflexible document, but rather one that is expected to change over time to respond to evolving economic, social, environmental during the planning period. The Official Plan recognizes this by including policies that set out the criteria and considerations that are to be used in the evaluation of applications for Official Plan amendments.

Council will revise its Official Plan every five years to ensure that it conforms to provincial plans; takes into account matters of provincial interest; and is consistent with provincial policy statements.  London is currently conducting its review as ReTHINK.

The Official Plan document consists of Part A, which contains the text of the Plan; Part B, which contains the maps; and Part C, which contains the Appendices.



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