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Category 7: Food Trucks with On Street Sales

New as of March 2, 2015

Licence Application:

In order to apply for a Category 7 Refreshment Vehicle Licence, the following information must be prepared and submitted:

  • Application Fee
  • Completed Application Form
  • Master Business Licence or Articles of Incorporation
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Operational Plan*

*The Operational Plan will consist of, at least, a letter which includes the following information:

  • Photos/Colour prints of the vehicle logos, decals and other decorative features/signage
  • Waste Management Plan including, but not limited to, number and type of recycling and waste receptacles to be maintained by the operator and acknowledgement that the operator will pick up any garbage/debris within a 10m radius of the vehicle whenever the vehicle departs.
  • Grey water / Grease disposal plan which identifies the name and address of the location where grease and gray water will be properly disposed, and a letter from the owner of said facility, should it not be accessible to the public.
  • A menu or list of the type of food products, major ingredients, how they are being prepared, cooked, and served on the vehicle.

Licence Inspections:

Prior to issuing a licence, inspections will need to be done by:

The London Fire Department;

Middlesex-London Health Unit;

A City of London Municipal Law Enforcement Officer; and, 

Fuel tanks must bear certification of a current inspection by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA). 

It will be up to the applicant to ensure these inspections have been done, proof of which must be submitted to the City of London prior to the issuance of a Licence.  The City of London may help to arrange certain inspections - the applicant will be made aware of how this will be undertaken at the time of application.  Contact details for the various inspection agencies will also be provided, at the very least.

Licence Issuance:

Once inspections have been passed, the City of London will issue a licence plate that shall be affixed to the exterior of the vehicle and visible at all times.  Furthermore, a paper licence will be issued, and this must be posted inside the vehicle, available for inspection at all times.  Other inspection agencies will likely require other materials to be posted or affixed.


Category 7 Refreshment Vehicles are intended to be mobile.  Operators are permitted to do business in those areas designated by the License Manager, as identified on the Permitted Parking List, based on the following criteria:

  • Locate on an Arterial, Primary Collector or Secondary Collector Road (as per Schedule C - Transportation Corridors of the City of London Official Plan)
  • Park in a legal parking space;
  • Locate a minimum of 25m from an existing restaurant
  • Locate a minimum of 25m from a residence
  • Locate a minimum of 100m from a school, between 7am and 5pm.
  • Locate a minimum of 100m from the boundary of a Special Event, unless otherwise permitted
  • Operate between the hours of 7am-3am only

Permitted Parking Areas List (and Map)

The Permitted Parking Areas List identifies approved Category 7 Refreshment Vehicle parking areas in the City of London.  There is also a corresponding map.  Currently the list only identifies those areas in the core.  The list and map will be kept in the Licensing Department and the Clerks Office (7th and 3rd floors of City Hall) for your review, and is available on the web.  This list may be updated frequently, so please be aware of changes.  Where discrepancies or challenges exist, the list in the Clerks department will be considered the "Master List". 

City Parks

City of London Parks have been included on the list of permitted parking areas, with some exceptions.  The following list represents the Parks/Parking lots that Category 7 Refreshment Vehicles (Food Trucks) ARE NOT permitted to operate:

Storybook Gardens Parking Lot - (1970 Storybook Lane) The rest of Springbank Park is permitted.

Victoria Park – (580 Clarence Street) Unless you are a vendor, as part of a Festival, authorized by the Festival Organizer;

Labatt Park – (25 Wilson Ave.) Unless you are authorized by the London Majors as part of their game/practice;

Thames Park - (15 Ridout St. S) During hours of operation for the Pool – due to very limited parking.

Please do not operate your refreshment vehicle in parks/areas specified above.

Log Book:

Operators are required to maintain a log book of activity at all times.  There are two ways this can be done:

  1. By email: Each time you park the vehicle to do business, email and Include the following information:  In the 'subject' of the email, indicate food truck name or licence number, and the word 'parking'.  In the body of the email, include the date, time, parking location, and anticipated duration of the stay, OR;
  2. By maintaining a paper copy of the log using this sheet, and keeping these sheets on the vehicle at all times, organized in chronological order, to be made available at the request of a By-Law Enforcement Officer.

Please Note: This information can be found in the Business Licencing By-law L-6.  Should you have any questions, concerns, requests or ideas about how to improve this program, please do not hesitate to email so that we can continue to refine and update the process.

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