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Vehicle for Hire Licensing

October Committee Meeting

Meeting of the Community and Protective Services Committee – Vehicle for Hire By-law, was held on October 10, 2018.  View the staff report and draft by-law that was approved.

Questions can be submitted to Orest Katolyk or Catherine DeForest at


Private Vehicle for Hire Drivers

Private vehicle for hire drivers who are driver partners with UBER will have their application materials submitted by UBER. Drivers must contact UBER with respect to their licence.

Contact our Licensing Office for general inquiries related to the By-law, or contact UBER for more detailed information regarding your licence.

If you are working for or represent another Transportation Network Company or Private Vehicle for Hire Service, contact our office as to how to proceed with a new TNC broker licence. Please also refer to the Vehicle for Hire By-law and related Regulations under Related Content for complete information.

Taxi Cab & Limousine Drivers

A vehicle for hire driver licence application form is available on the 7th floor of City Hall, or for download here.

Every application for new driver must be accompanied by/provide proof of:

  • An Ontario drivers licence;
  • Canadian citizenship, permanent resident status, or a work permit (and possibly a visa) issued by the Government of Canada;
  • A Police Records Check dated no later than 60 days prior to the application (note: criminal convictions within the last five years may result in a licence not being issued); a third-party police check obtained online is also suitable;
  • A Ministry of Transportation Driver’s Record (abstract) dated no later than 60 days prior to the application.

Applicants may choose between a 12 or 24-month licence. Driver licence fees are $5/month. The associated fees are:

12 months                   $60.00*

24 months                   $120.00



Training for Drivers

Driver training, though not required by the by-law, can help develop good driver habits. Topics covered include a focus on by-law regulations, customer service, the role of enforcement, dealing with persons varying abilities, and sensitivity training. The City of London does not offer such courses but you can contact the following to inquire about training:

Bob Barker (independent) Tel 514-803-7518 or

Yellow London Taxi Tel 519-657-1111


NOTE: The City of London does not endorse or monitor any of the courses or instructors listed here.  These are simply provided as a courtesy.


Make a Complaint


If you wish to make a complaint against the driver of a taxi, limo or private vehicle for hire, you need to first contact the company (Ex: Checker, Yellow or UBER). Then contact our Licensing Office and an enforcement officer will investigate. To submit a complaint, email the details to


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