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Residential Rental Licence By-Law

Purpose of By-law

To address sub-standard housing conditions in rental units and protect the amenity, character and stability of residential areas



What Units Require a Licence

Any building containing four or less rental units and converted dwellings.  Apartment and townhouse buildings are exempt.


Licensing Fees* (per property)

Initial application -  $165.00 (as of January 1, 2017)

If Fire Inspection Required, an additional $171.00 will be required.

Annual Renewal - $55.00 

If the property is a duplex, the Electrical Safety Authority may have additional fees. This is done in partnership with the Fire Prevention Office.

*Property owner to pay licensing fee


Fines for Not Having a Licence

Any rental property owner who contravenes any provision of by-law CP-19 is subject to a fine upon conviction.  The maximum fine for a person upon first conviction is $25,000 and for a corporation is $50,000.  The maximum fines for subsequent convictions are double the maximum initial conviction.

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  • How often is a fire inspection done?

    A fire inspection is required at the time of each new application. If a fire inspection report dated within the last two years is available, we will waive this inspection requirement. Once a licence is issued, a fire inspection is not required upon renewal.

  • When is a property standards inspection done?

    At the time an application is submitted, a self-certification checklist is completed for each unit. (A reminder that a copy of the checklist should be given to the tenant who is renting that unit). Any items of concern that are raised on this checklist may result in a property standards inspection.

    If a property standards inspection is not done at the time an application is submitted, a random exterior property standards inspection will be carried out within 2 to 3 years of the licence being issued. If a tenant wishes to have an interior property standards inspection done, they are to first put their items of concern in writing to their landlord. The landlord then has two weeks to rectify the issue. If nothing is done, the tenant may submit a copy of this letter to our office and if the item falls under the Property Standards by-law, a complaint will be entered on the tenant'-s behalf. -

    Such letters may be addressed to:

    Development & Compliance Services
    Property Standards
    300 Dufferin Avenue, 7th floor
    London, ON  N6B 1Z2

    Telephone inquiries can be directed to 519 661-4660.

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