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Reporting a Non-Licensed Unit

Property Inquiry/Register a Complaint

If you know of a rental property in your neighbourhood you may use the Property Inquiry System or call 519-930-3510 to find out if the rental is licensed.

If the rental property is not licensed, to enter a complaint you may call 519-661-4660 or email the details to the dedicated enforcement email address.

How to Find A Rented Residential Unit 

Below is step by step Instruction on how to search a property from the City Map (Original CityMap)

  1. Select the address button in the Menu
  2. Enter the address including the street suffix (ie: Pl, Ave, St w, St e, Cres)
  3. Select 500m in the bar across the top of the map
  4. In the Menu column there is a scroll bar to the right hand side
  5. Pull the scroll bar down until you see the heading "Rental Properties"
  6. Select Rental Properties
  7. Scroll back to the address box and select "Find It"



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