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Informal Residential Care Facilities (IRCF)

The City of London considers it desirable and necessary to regulate Informal Residential Care Facilities (IRCF) for the purpose of protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of residents, care providers, and neighbourhoods where such facilities exist.

What are Informal Residential Care Facilities?

Informal Residential Care Facilities are homes that are licensed to provide care services for three or more persons. This care revolves around the provision of a variety of support necessary to the daily lives of the occupants. This can include housing, meal preparation, administration of medication, provision of transportation, and other care services.  They are considered "informal" because they are not funded or licensed by the federal or provincial governments, nor regulated under either level of government.

The Licensing Process

To apply for an Informal Residential Care Facility licence, applicants must complete the designated application form, and provide the following:

  • Payment of the licence fee: $750.00;
  • A “Vulnerable Sector Check”, undertaken through London Police Services, for the applicant, all partners and/or corporate directors involved in the operation of each facility, and each person working at the IRCF;
  • Proof of Insurance of no less than $5,000,000.00 that clearly identifies the use of the building/property as an Informal Residential Care Facility; and
  • Operating Standards Package (details below)

Operating Standards Package

Licensees must also provide additional information regarding the operation of the facility. According to the Informal Residential Care Facility Licensing By- law, these regulations include:  

  • Tenancy agreements for each individual tenant in their facility;   
  • Written service plans for each tenant outlining the tenant’s specific care plan(s) including medications, diet restrictions, mobility constraints, and general medical information;
  • Contact information for each tenant’s support network including attorneys, doctors, specialists, family members, and any other information pertinent to the care of the individual tenant, and;
  • Maintenance of a file for each individual tenant, kept current by the facility owner/operator.

Duty to Report

Licensees are required to report all serious incidents that occur at the facility to the License Manager, City of London. This includes health or fire emergencies, unexpected death, including suicide, missing tenants, outbreaks of reportable or communicable diseases, incidents involving law enforcement, and/or any allegations of abuse, threats of violence, or danger to life of any staff member or tenant. These incident reports should be emailed to the Licence Manager at


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