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Business Licensing

Our Business Licensing By-law has been revised!

Visit the Service London Business Hub in the main lobby of City Hall or attend the Licensing counter on the 7th floor. Our staff are available to answer your questions and guide you through this process.


Upcoming Renewals

The 2019 renewal process will begin mid-December. Current licences will expire January 31, 2019. See below for the renewal process. 

See Below for More Information

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  • Some Key By-Law Changes
    • Some businesses are no longer required to be licensed, while others have been renamed or have been consolidated. 
    • New business licence categories include:
      • Operators of Adult Entertainment establishments
      • Some additional contractor types: driveway contractors, pool installers
      • Donation bin businesses
      • Electronic cigarette & tobacco retailers
      • Pay day loan businesses
      • Personal services such as: manicure/pedicure services, tanning and eyelash/brow work
      • Pet shops
    • New application fees and renewal fees are now the same.
    • Other than 2018, all future business licences will expire annually on January 31st.

    This document will highlight individual categories, their changes, and fees.

    You can skim the new business licensing by-law here.

    If you are interested in reviewing the amendment process that took place in 2017, including committee meeting videos and reports, visit this page.

  • How to Apply for a New Business Licence

    If you are applying for a Business Licence, complete the business licence application form. You can mail or drop it off at City Hall. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and until 6pm on Tuesdays.

    This documentprovides a list of all the business licence categories and the required documentation that is to be provided when submitting your new application.

    A Business Licence Application is valid for 90 days. It is suggested that you complete your application no more than 90 days prior to the scheduled opening of your business. Please ensure that you can comply with all regulations and conditions  within the 90 day period.

    Prior to making application, please contact the Zoning Division (519 930-3510, City Hall 7th floor) to ensure that your proposed business complies with our zoning regulations.

    The Building Division (519 661-4555, City Hall 7th floor) requires that you obtain a Building Permit for any new construction, renovations, plumbing or for a change of use of the property. Please check with the Building Division if you have any questions about building permits requirements. Please note that business licence applications will not be issued until all the requirements of the Building Division are met.

    If an Inspection is required by the Fire Department for the type of business that you are planning to operate (consult with the Licensing Office first), please contact Fire Services located at Central Fire Hall, 400 Horton Street or call 519 661-2500 x 4565.

    The Middlesex-London Health Unit may be required to inspect your premise prior to obtaining your City of London Business Licence. Please contact the Middlesex London Health Unit at 50 King Street or 519 663-5317.

    Upon receipt of all the necessary approvals, the Business Licence will be mailed to you. In the event that an approval is not received from various departments or agencies, you will be advised accordingly. Please note that licensing application fees are non-refundable.

  • How to Renew you Current Business Licence

    All existing licensed businesses will expire January 31, 2019. These active businesses will receive a renewal notice mid-December.

    You can renew your business licence by:

    • Mailing in a cheque payable to the City of London;
    • Mailing in your renewal notice with your credit card details;
    • Phoning our office with your credit card details;
    • Emailing our office with your renewal notice and credit card details.

    NOTE: We securely handle your credit card details.

  • Operational Regulations

    The Licence Manager has authority to make operational regulations outside of the By-law. Finalized regulations pertaining to some categories can be found here.

  • Education and Awareness

    Our by-law enforcement officers will be visiting locations throughout London to make business owners aware that their business may fall under the new licensing by-law. They will be educating business owners of the new regulations and pointing them in the direction of further assistance.

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