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Applying for a Building Permit

You can submit your building permit application in person at our office, located on the 7th floor of City Hall, 300 Dufferin Avenue, or use our online E-Permit system. The E-Permit System can be used when applying for permits relating to certain residential plumbing and simple additions & alterations for single detached homes. If you are a registered home builder, you can use the E-permit system to submit permit applications and CAD drawings online for new single detached, semi-detached and row housing.

If applying in person, you can help speed up the process by completing an Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish prior to coming to our office.  You can also obtain a paper copy from the Building Division counter or call us if you would like to have one mailed to you.  Typically, a complete submission should include:


  • A complete building permit application* form
  • Schedule 1, Schedule 2, or General Review Commitment forms as necessary for the proposed work.
  • 2 sets of all plans and specifications, with an architect's/engineer's seal or BCIN from a qualified designer (homeowners may be exempt from these designer requirements. Please refer to the Homeowner's Guide to Building Permits for additional information).
  • Permit fees to be paid at the time of application.  Additional fees, such as development charges may be deferred until the permit is ready for issuance.

Please refer to our Acceptable Permit Intake Guidelines for more detailed information about complete application requirements for specific types of buildings.

*NOTE: If you download and print the Building Permit Application form, please ensure you use "legal" paper or shrink to fit "letter" size.

A review period will be assigned to your permit application, depending on the type of building and nature of the proposed work. This timeframe is based on submission of a complete application, and includes Zoning review.  For some applications, it may be possible to expedite the review process by applying for a 3 Day Permit


Prescribed Review Periods for Building Permit Applications

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  • 10 Days
    1. Houses and semi-detached houses including:
      • Additions, renovations
      • Decks
      • Attached garages, carports
    2. Detached structures serving a building described under item 1.
      • Sheds, Garages, Carports
      • Pool houses
    3. Tents
  • 15 Days
    1. Town houses or row houses.
    2. Buildings, other than those described above,  where the Ontario Building Code, Part 9 is applicable
      • 3 or fewer stories in height
      • Building area less than 600 m2
      • Major Occupancies classified as
        • Residential
        • Business and Personal Services (eg. Offices)
        • Mercantile (eg. Retail stores)
        • Medium or low hazard industrial
    3. Farm Buildings not exceeding 600 m2 building area.
  • 20 Days
    1. Buildings where the Ontario Building Code, Part 3 is applicable
      • More than 3 storeys
      • Greater than 600 m2 building area
      • Major Occupancies Classified as
        • Assembly (including restaurants over 30 seats)
        • Care or Detention
        • Residential
        • Business and Personal Services
        • Mercantile
        • High, medium, or low hazard industrial
    2. Farm buildings exceeding 600 m2 building area
  • 30 Days
    1. Post-disaster buildings
    2. High buildings to which OBC 3.2.6. applies
    3. Buildings with interconnected floor areas to which OBC to applies
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