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Applicable Law and External Approvals

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  • Planning and Zoning

    Western Municipal Services Office


    • Section 14 of the Ontario Planning and Development Act, 1994
      • Any conflict between a development plan made under that act and a zoning by-law that affects the proposed building or structure.
    • Subsection 133 (4) of the Municipal Act, 2001
    • Section 34 of the Planning Act
      • Zoning By-Law
    • Section 41 of the Planning Act
      • Approval by the council of the municipality or the municipal board of plans and drawings.
    • Section 42 of the Planning Act
      • The payment of money or making arrangements satisfactory to the council of a municipality for the payment of money, where the payment is required under subsection 42 (6) of that act.

    Ministry of Natural Resources


    • Section 2, O. Reg. 453/96 of the Public Lands Act
      • No construction on crown lands unless work permit issued under Act.
  • Transportation

    Ministry of Transportation - London Office


    • Section 34 or 38, Public Transportation and Highway Improvement Act
      • Approval of buildings or signs within certain distances of a highway


  • Child Care Services

    Ministry of Community and Social Services - London Office


    • Section 5, Regulation 262 under the Day Nurseries Act
      • Approval of plans for a day nursery – more than 5 children


    Ministry of Education,  Contact:  Steven Mitchell, Architect,  416-325-2015


    • Section 194, Education Act
      • Approval of demolition of a school building.
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