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East Woodfield Heritage Conservation District

Image of East Woodfield HCD MapThe term "Woodfield" refers to a geographic area which has been identified as a downtown neighbourhood by area residents and recognized as such by the Planning Department. Historically, Woodfield developed as a result of the city's expansion north and eastward. Several factors have contributed to the delineation of Woodfield. Several early estates were established in this area which drew affluent Londoners. This expansion, eastward, stopped at Adelaide Street and the Grand Trunk Railway established a boundary to the south. Today, the recognized perimeters of the neighbourhood are Richmond Street (west), the CPR tracks (north), Queens Avenue (south), and Adelaide Street (east).

Within Woodfield, the East Woodfield Heritage Conservation District is generally located to the east of Maitland Street. East Woodfield Heritage Conservation District was designated in 1994 as London's first Heritage Conservation District. It comprises approximately 170 properties. The East Woodfield Heritage Conservation District exhibits a surprisingly diverse, rich array of architectural styles. These include excellent examples of Gothic Revival, Italianate, High Victorian Gothic, Second Empire, Queen Anne style buildings. Many of these properties were intended for use by London's elite in the late nineteenth century but middle and working class housing filled in many of the spaces between the mansions and are especially common towards the north and the east of the East Woodfield Heritage Conservation District.


The East Woodfield Heritage Conservation District has an irregular shape. It generally includes properties on the east side of Maitland Street between Central Avenue and Dufferin Avenue, the north side of Queens Avenue between Adelaide Street and Peter Street, the west side of Adelaide Street between Queens Avenue and Dufferin Avenue. Its northern edge includes portions of Central Avenue, and Princess Avenue. Internally, it includes blocks on Palace Street, Princess Avenue, Prospect Avenue, William Street, Dufferin Avenue, and Peter Street.

East Woodfield Heritage Conservation District Documents

Part I:  Statement of Intent

Part II: Conservation, Design and Landscaping Guidelines


Part III: Planning and Implementation

Part IV: Case Studies

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