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London's Cultural Prosperity Plan and Profile

London’s Cultural Prosperity Plan - and its companion document, London's Cultural Profile Report was presented to City of London’s Creative City Committee January 30, 2013.

The development of the Cultural Prosperity Plan relied heavily on input received from all facets of the cultural community and the general public through a highly interactive and collaborative process. The plan is a strategic document that provides a collective vision and direction for culture in the future.

The Cultural Profile Report is comprised of three reports: Cultural Resource Mapping, an Economic Impact Analysis for London’s Cultural Sector and Cultural Facility Planning and Infrastructure. They were initiated to help the City of London understand the city's cultural resources, their locations and economic impact.

The highlights below underscore the importance of continued and increased investment in the culture sector to yield long term economic growth.

  • The overall contribution of the cultural sector to the City of London in direct terms is an estimated $540 million per annum (excludes capital expenditures).
  • The direct contribution of the cultural sector in the City is $1,475 per capita; and the City of London invested $60 per capita on culture in 2011.
  •  The city had 7,703 cultural jobs in 2011, with workers making $329 million
  •  4.2% of all workers in London were employed in cultural occupations, according to 2006 figures, while the Canadian average was 3.3%.
  •  Nearly 1,300 "cultural enterprises" - many of them small businesses - operated in London in 2011

 Project Team

The consulting team comprised of The Canadian Urban Institute, Sierra Planning and Management and Novita Interpares Limited led the development of the Cultural Profile Report and DIALOG led the planning process for the Cultural Prosperity Plan. They worked in collaboration with the City of London Creative City Working Group which was supported by the City of London Culture Office, London Arts Council and London Heritage Council.

This project was made possible by the Creative Communities Prosperity Fund through the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport  and matching funding through the City of London Culture Office.


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